hi you're the oldest person i know on tumblr

Yeah, I’m the oldest person I know on tumblr, too. It’s a weird feeling.

A few weeks ago I saw this thing come through my tumblr dashboard (can’t find it now, dammit). It was a survey thingy, where it asked people to repost and add a | character in the row next to their age. And the ages went from, like, I don’t remember, 12 or 13 on up, and there was this cool-looking distribution of rows of | characters, starting off with just 1, and then getting fatter with more and more respondents, with the biggest part of the curve being around age 17 or 18 (I think), and then it tapered off, and there were no | characters at all toward the bottom of the graph. And the bottom entry, at which there had been no respondents for several rows, was “26+”.

Ouch. That hit home. What am I doing here?

Anyway, I guess in the list of things to be proud of it’s no sillier than lots of other things. So thanks! It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something: I’ve either adventurously colonized a new frontier for old people, or I’ve managed to stay young-at-heart enough to find a medium designed by and for younger people compelling. Or I guess it could mean various other things less happy (like I’m having a midlife crisis that is causing me to weirdly identify with people way younger than I should be hanging out with. hm. let’s just not go there, mkay?)

So anyway, yeah. That’s kind of weird, isn’t it? I wonder what it means.