Nov 5

Something Awesome This Way Comes

Reading between the lines of tweets (mostly) by the LBD creators over the weekend it sounds like this past Saturday, November 3, was a good day for the show.

It caught my eye that Margaret Dunlap (@spyscribe) spoke of directing, since every episode that has aired so far has been directed by Bernie Su. Maybe he was busy with something else? Maybe they’re just spreading out the load? I know it’s not unusual for the show runner to start taking some steps back at some point as the show gets more established. Or I guess it’s also possible that Margaret was working on something non-LBD-related, though the fan in me insists on seeing everything that happens in the universe as being related to the show.

Rachel provided some cool detail in responding to a Tumblr ask yesterday:

thegreyladies asked: Absolutely loving the writing on LBD and Lydia’s vlogs! What has been your favorite video/scene to write thus far? (of course limited to the scope of what has been posted.)

Thanks, yo! I like getting the opportunity to write them!

My favorites for LBD so far are a 4-way tie. Couldn’t ever choose. Ep 37 (Lydia vs Mr Collins), Ep 48 (Snickerdoodles), and two we just shot that you guys haven’t seen yet. They will be eps 73 & 74 and I am fucking psyched about them.

So: It will be interesting to see what we get in episodes 73, and 74, and to see if they were, in fact, directed by Margaret Dunlap.

Oh, and speaking of Bernie, there was also this, which you probably saw:

That was posted on Sunday, not Saturday, but maybe the location scouting was a factor in his not directing on Saturday?

Just shaking the presents under the tree, and looking forward to unwrapping them…