rachelkiley said: well i’d hold off on noting that camera things are stylistic directing things until you see more eps from this round…might just be how things were set up that day. (idk)

Just to clarify, I wasn’t trying to suggest it was necessarily a conscious stylistic choice. My guess is there’s a certain aesthetic obsession Bernie Su has with having everyone’s hair perfect and having the lighting and exposure and saturation just so, and Margaret either doesn’t share that obsession or was too focused with other aspects of the shoot to give those particular details the same attention he does.

I appreciate that a video shoot is a hugely complicated undertaking (well, as much as I can appreciate that without ever actually participating in one). I’m amazed and awed that anyone can successfully direct such a thing, and just found it interesting to notice some subtle visual differences in this first Margaret-directed episode, vs. all the previous Bernie-directed ones, and wondered about what might have led to those differences.

I think I actually kind of like the less-perfect-looking actors, for what it’s worth. It maybe gives a more realistic feel. But again, just to be clear, all this stuff is way down the list of things I noticed about the episode. I’m talking about it because it struck me as interesting and different, but the main things I loved about the episode (as usual) were the writing and performances and what’s going on with the plot, and all of that was every bit what I’ve come to love. For which Margaret (and everyone) gets a huge raft of me-thanks. I can’t wait to see what’s coming.